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Custom stylesheet

I finally got tired of the web not looking all the same, so I created a user stylesheet.

body *, body {
background: #12110f !important;
color: grey85 !important;

a { color: blue !important; }
a :hover { color: red !important; }
a :visited { color: purple !important }

Not everything is perfect, but here are some screenshots:



It's all-out warfare against web designers. I enjoy my new, no-bullshit webernet, especially at night when my eyes aren't excited about looking into the sun. And, changing tabs doesn't turn my desk into a discotheque any more.

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Sort of meta search engine

I just hacked together a Random Search Engine script. It takes your search and redirects you to a random search engine for that query. If you want to, you can set it as a search engine for your web browser and make the FBI subpoena about 20 different companies.

I've set it to use POST so that your search terms aren't logged on my end. Feel free to use GET if you wish, they both work fine.

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Music: Boards of Canada - Sac + Blockbuster + I Will Get It Tattooed

I switched away from Firefox yesterday. Now I'm running Opera.

  • Free (as in speech)
  • Lots of plugins (I miss greasemonkey)
  • Almost as slow as Windows Vista. Come on, my machine can do 1.3 billion instructions per second!
  • Rather bloated.
  • Crashed one too many times.
  • Fairly snappy
  • Latest version comes in a .deb package
  • Settings for user CSS and user JS are very easy to get to (user JS = replacement for greasemonkey?)
  • In every JS alert() box, Opera has a "disable scripts on this page" checkbox - no more infinite loop pages.
  • Proprietary
  • Seems to use QT

Other observations:

  • Opera shows pop-up windows as children of its main window, so (a) you can't manage them with your window manager, (b) they get moved along with the main window much more easily (e.g. when transplanting to another virtual desktop, hiding the window, et cetera), and (c) each pop-up also has its own tab.
  • On Facebook, Opera displays some URLs with Unicode "unknown character" hex-boxes.
  • Opera displays some Unicode characters which Firefox doesn't, e.g. ✡ (U+2721, a.k.a. STAR OF DAVID). At least for me Firefox doesn't display that one and some others used in an i18n blog I read.

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Myspace sucks (as if I didn't know this already)

Hi Duncan,

You have been invited to join the lesbian webcam show for all group on MySpace.

I don't know why I even bother.

Memo to News Corp.: It shouldn't be so hard to get rid of spam. Why aren't you?

Today's shell script

#! /bin/bash
for F in `seq -w $1 $2`
  wget `echo $3 | sed -e "s/{}/$F/g"` --referer=`echo $4 | sed -e "s/{}/$F/g"`
  sleep 4

I'm sure that you guys can come up with another use for this.

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First week at work

Yesterday was my fourth day working at Microsoft this summer. I'm sharing room 2600 with my boss (Bill M) in building 119.

The first two days (Tuesday and Wednesday) I did an excellent job of not pressing the Big Red Switch mounted on the wall inside my group's computer lab. (Sounds silly, eh? Computer labs at the world's largest sofware company.) Had I pushed it, I would also have brought down MapPoint, which shared about 55% of the lab space. Would have been a problem. Also, it was my first time inside a datacenter. It doesn't have the raised floors so stereotypical of datacenters, but rather the same industrial-pile carpet that every single building at Microsoft is paved with. They air-condition the rooms to about fifty degrees Fahrenheit so that the machines don't overheat. Nevertheless, in the side of the room give over to MapPoint, the ambient temperature is about eighty degrees. There are the big fans in circular metal cages sitting between rows, moving hot air towards the intakes for the air conditioning. Every server on the rack has almost exclusively blue lights for indicators. I guess they just look cooler than the yellow-green that was so popular before they invented cheap blue LEDs a few years ago. My reasoning is that it makes red LEDs stand out better, so they can be used for warnings.

Friday I went to the Recycled Office Supplies Center in the garage of Building 16. The intent was to get a suitable mouse. The mice (about a thousand of them) live in a rather large cardboard box. It's the size of a standard cargo pallet (about four feet on a side) and filled to a depth approaching three feet. As people root through the box in search of The Perfect Mouse, they tangle the cords of all the Non-Perfect Mice. So there are about a thousand mice, all tied together. I think I'll take a picture of it soon.

I'm working in the group that brought you such innovations as Windows Embedded for Point of Service (also known as WEPOS) and POS for .Net.

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I am excited

Have finally gotten out of my hormone-or-lack-thereof-induced funk. 2 weeks is way too long to be semidepressed and totally lacking energy. Perhaps I have a date. Time will tell.

Today I went on a nice long bicycle ride to the UW. I spent a couple hours at the Engineering Library and then went to University Village. I wanted to go to RadioShack, but the front was busted in. I have pictures; if you want to see I'll mail them to you or something. A car hit it, I think.

Instead I went to Barnes & Noble, where I bought a Naxos copy of Bach's WTK (Book I) and the Winter issue of 2600.

Don't you like hyperlinks? They tie the web together.

I just discovered It's kinda cool, perhaps useful. I don't have many bookmarks yet.

You can see my disappointing collection.


Evil: Protel's webesite is only viewable from Internet Evilnator. But only Firefox resolves it on this machine. ???

My mom just discovered the textbox history feature on Firefox when searching on Google. About ten minutes after she made that announcement, she asked me to show here where on the menus the "view history" item is. I think she's going to dig up dirt on my brother's searches.... <grins evilly>

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