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up to no good, indeed

for the creative writing class that I didn't quite finish last semester.

I'm proud of this character, because he has actually come out at least halfway similar to how I intended. I've become much more of an engineer than an artist over the past several years, so it pleases me that I'm still able to produce something of artistic merit.

Okay, I'm done with my little ego boost. :P Back to work...


Google search results</div>

That made me grin from ear to ear.

My favorite palindrome


(This post is pointless, but it's kinda fun in a stupid way.)

By the way, zestythelemon, I LOVE YOUR DANCE SUITE AND THE GAVOTTE ESPECIALLY. But you knew I loved Baroque dance suites. Yay counterpoint.


Mystery #1:
I'm seriously starting to wonder about the content I send in my text messages.  The predictive text message software draws upon words I've typed out (and sent) in the past and suggests them for possible spellings as I type them out.  It just suggested "franc", and now I'm wondering why I ever made any comments about obsolete French currency.
Mystery #2:
A week or so ago I was at the Central Library (Seattle Public Libraries, not UW Libraries) rummaging through their CDs and came across one with the wrong Dewey Decimal number.  It was a recording of a Schubert piano sonata and a few of his art songs for piano and tenor, but the CD was numbered as (and filed as) an orchestral recording.  The location was right for the Dewey number, but the Dewey number was incorrect for the CD's content.  So... which is sadder: that the Seattle Public Library attached the wrong Dewey Decimal number to one of its CDs, or that I actually <i>found</i> that CD and noticed it?

On a completely separate note, I have finally upgraded the RAM on my MacBook so that it has 2 GB instead of the 512 MB it came with.  Soon I will probably figure out how to switch out the keycaps and re-label it so that the key labels actually represent their output on my screen.  It's not like I ever look at the keys when I'm typing, but I don't know the QWERTY/Dvorak position equivalences all that well and that turns out to be somewhat problematic when I'm doing command + _____ functions.

HOLY SHIT.  An actual post!

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