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April 2013
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Astrid [userpic]
Various things.

Since I last updated this, I have done many things. Perhaps most notably, I am now working full-time in computer security. It's not strictly programming, but it's interesting. Also at times maddening, of course. Consulting is not easy. The hours at least are usually comfortable — I normally roll in to the office at 10 or 11am. This month is an exception. Sometimes you have to pay interest on your loans.

This week I'll be moving out from my parents' house. Doing so will meet (though just barely) my goal to be 100% self-sufficient by age 25. I'm sure my emancipated-minor friends are sniggering at me here. Suck it. The place is a two-level loft with a neat view, not some hole in the ground. I've lived in a ground-hole apartment before. Not again.

I'm presently single. Not forever-alone. I have recently made out with multiple people from IRC, and none from OKCupid. Some people say that OKCupid gets you laid; I assert the falsity of such statements.