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Astrid [userpic]
Has everyone abandoned journaling?

Continuing this project:

The Star Trek Wiki takes itself much too seriously. As a result, the Star Trek Wiki is better at Star Trek than Paramount Pictures.

No, really. They have every single fact ever stated with authority on the show. The pages aren't very well written, but they're incredibly complete. With citations. For example, a quote from article about combadges:

A Starfleet combadge was one of the items the Dopterian thief put on the table after Constable Odo arrested him. (DS9: “The Forsaken”)

Reopen soon, Pizza Brava! I miss you!

I am really missing the house special, pepperoni and meatballs. They've been closed for at least a week now with a sign that just says “Reopening soon!”

Radio pledge drive season is right around the corner!

KUOW is actively pledging, KEXP is probably going to start soon, and I got a donation envelope from KNHC. Yes, I give money to radio stations.